Three towers and Surfboard Roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The internal TV system in each room of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore as a channel that shows the construction and opening of the hotel. The three towers were built first and cranes mounted on the top.

Three towers and Surfboard Roof

Then the roof was winched up in sections. The cranes held the sections that bridged the gap between the towers in place whilst workmen bolted them to the section of the roof that had already been built on top of each tower. It is a very clever design.

The roof is called the surfboard and when you look up at it from street level you can see why. The front of this surfboard is the public viewing platform. The rest of the roof that is planted with tall palm trees, contains the magnificent infinity pool and its associated restaurants Cafe and bar.

The two sides of the three towers are very different. The side that faces the city of Singapore is constructed of large glass panels. On the other side of the three towers, you will see that each room has its own balcony with flower boxes. These rooms face the Straits of Singapore seagoing shipping lanes.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel rooms

At the base of the towers on the city side of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel , the designer has built a landscaped walk way bridge that leads across the road to the shopping centre, theatre complex and convention halls. If it is raining there is an underground passage that takes you to the same place. It also goes past the underground railway station that serves the shopping centre and the hotel.

If you stand on the roof of the shopping centre and look back at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel you will see that the connecting wall between the two Towers appears to move with the wind. This wonderful shimmering effect has been built into the fabric of the hotel by putting a giant sheet of metal in front of the glass panels. On the ocean view side of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel , there is another walkway that lead out to the garden in the Bay exhibit.

Moving wall at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

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