Cloud Forest Dome Sky Walkways

If you have a fear of heights do not go into Singapore Gardens by the bay Cloud forest glass greenhouse dome. After stepping out all the lift inside the artificial hill you start your descent down to the bottom along metal aerial walkway.

Sky Walkway

It is designed to give you the best possible view of different plants that are clinging to the outside of the man-made hill.

Plants use to cover the hill had been chosen especially to illustrate the types of flora, you would encounter descending a mountain within the tropics. Altitude loving plants are at the top, these are the ones that prefer cooler temperatures. Plants you find at the bottom the foothills, further warmer and wetter conditions. Depending on the time of year you visit Singapore's Cloud Forest dome, you will find many of the plants in flower.

Mountain walkways in  Cloud Forest dome

The metal walkways are supported and thin, yet strong wires running from the roof as well as metal tubular supports that jut out of the artificial hill. At different points on your descent, walkways return back into the centre of the hill. Here you find displays on various different aspects about high altitude tropical landscapes. One of these is an how limestone caves are formed. They have giant examples of stalactite stalagmites on display.

As you get near the bottom, you will find the walkways go over the top of ponds and artificial rivers. If you are visiting the children get them to try and spot the models of crocodiles swimming in the water. It is unusual being able to see Palm and fern trees from above. Normally you stand on the ground and look up into the canopy.

The foothills of Cloud Forest dome

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