National Orchid Garden of Singapore

The National Orchid Garden is on the west side of the Singapore botanical Gardens. I have been to many Orchid exhibitions around the world in places like Oxford, London, Melbourne, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

National Orchid Garden

This is the best one. It is the largest and most attractive. Although most of the attractions in the Singapore botanical Gardens are free, there is a small charge to visit the National Orchid Garden. It is worth every Singapore cent.

One of the main things you notice about these Orchid Gardens is the absence of tropical hothouses. There is no need for greenhouses in Singapore's climate. This enables the gardeners to plant orchids in a more natural setting amongst waterfalls, small streams, hillside terraces, and in lush shady forest.

It is a riot of colour. The paths criss-cross around a hill. On the top is a colonial style building called Burkill Hall that has archways on the ground floor level that lead you into the exhibition area.

National Orchid Garden

For the more delicate orchids that need to grow in very high humidity there is a mist house, where the plants are grown amongst fine sprays of water. The cool house has been built to cater for the more hardy plants that cannot cope with the constant hot topical temperatures of Singapore's climate. It is really strange to a northern European visitor that in Singapore glass houses are built to keep plants cool rather than hot.

You don't particularly have to like orchids. The garden is just a delightful place to wander around. In the wet season make sure you visit early in the morning to avoid the afternoon downpours of rain.

National Orchid Garden

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