The Local Beers of Porto

One of the delights of visiting Porto is drinking the local beer. The standard Larger is okay but it is the dark beers and the mid-level beers, the Bohemia and Abadia, that shine in excellence. There are two main Portuguese brewery companies. Super Bock is based north of Porto and was established in 1927. Its large modern brewery is next to the small attractive Monastery -  Mosteiro, Rua Santos Lessa, Leca do Balio. Sagres is located to the north east of Lisbon in the small town of Vialonga. It's large modern factory can be found on Rua de Maio.

Sagres Bohemia and super Bock Abadia beer

Sagres Bohemia beer next to Super Bock's Abadia beer

Sagres Bohemia Beer

Launched in 2005, Sagres Bohemia is a red beer with an intense character, fruity aroma, creamy foam and a reddish amber. It has an alcohol content of 6.2%. This is an amazing beer if you want something better than a standard Lager. If you are a bitter drinker in the UK then you will appreciate the flavours the brewers have captured in this refreshing cold beer. It reminded me of a British India Pale Ale, it has a fruity spicy flavour.

Super Bock Abadia Beer

According to the Super Bock website this beer was brewed in the middle ages. It is brilliant. Far superior to their standard Lager. Again it reminds me of a British IPA. It has that extra quality of of malts and spices. It has a ruby colour with a creamy foam head. It is served cold and has a slightly bitter sweet flavour. It has an alcoholic content of 6.4% vol.

Super Bock Green Beer

This is a Lager and lime. It is very refreshing on a hot day. It has an alcoholic content of only 2.0% vol so you can have a few of these.

Super Bock original and Green beer

The beer on the left is Super Bock's Lager and lime beer that they call Green Beer. On the right is their Original Lager beer.

Sagres Petra (Stout)

During the 1940 Portuguese World Expedition the Sagres brewery launched a new brown beer called Sagres Preta. It is dark in colour and has a nice bouquet of caramel. It is served cold and has an alcohol content of 4.1%. The company describe this type of beer as a Munich. When you order this beer ask for a "cerveja marron" pronounced "cerd-vay-ja mar-hoon". In English you are asking for a brown beer. You could also ask for a "Sagres Petra".

Super Bock Stout

to ask for a Super Bock Stout in Portugal that is easy you just ask for a "Super Bock Stout". It has a creamy lasting foam head and a sweet yet bitter taste with a soft caramel flavour and a slight fruity aroma. If you like brown beer this tastes great. It is served cold and has an alcohol content of 5.0% vol which is slightly stronger than the Sagres Petra brown beer at only 4.1%.


Sagres Petra Stout and super Bock Stout beer

On the left is Sagres Branca beer next to a glass of Petra Stout. On the right is Super Bock's Stout next to a Lager.

Segres Lager Beer

The regular Sagres Lager is technically known as Sagres Branca, a white or blond beer. It was launched in 1940 at the Portuguese World Expedition. It is produced with 100% natural products, using traditional proprietary methods from water, malt, non-malted cereals and strict selection of hops. No additives or preservatives are used in the manufacture of this pleasant thirst quenching Larger beer. It is relatively strong with an alcohol rating of 5% vol.

Super Bock "Original" Lager Beer

Super Bocks standard Lager has an alcohol content of 5.2% vol. It has a golden colour with a white creamy head. It is very refreshing on a hot Portuguese summer's day. You can buy it in tins and bottles as well as on draught at a bar or restaurant. It is a favourite with visiting football supporters because of its high alcohol content. Super Bock also make a slightly stronger beer called the "Classic". It has an alcohol content of 5.8%.

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