Portuguese Phrases for the Traveller

You will find that most of the hotel, bar, cafe, restaurant and shop staff in Porto speak English. If you find yourself in difficulties many of the teenagers have a good understanding of English and can often act as a translator. It is always appreciated by the local Portuguese that you try to speak a few words even if you make a total mess of pronunciation. You then don't come across as the arrogant English only speaking tourist. It breaks the ice. People smile at how you are crucifying their language and I find they are happier to deal with you.

Hello = Ola
Good Morning = Bom Dia (pronounced bon gee-air)
Good Afternoon = Boa Tarde(pronounced boa tar-gee)
Good Night = Boa noite(pronounced boa noy-che)
Sir = Senhor
Madam = Senhora
Yes = Sim (pronounced sin)
No = Nao (pronounced now)
Thank you = Obligardo
Thank you to a woman = Obligarda
Please = Por Favor (pronounced poor fah-vor)
Beer = Cerveja (pronouned said-vay-ja)
Goodbye = Adeus (pronounced a-de-oesj)
I would like = Gostaria (pronounced ghost-stad-deer)
One = um
Two = dois (pronouned dtoys)
Three = Tres
Four = quattro
Five = Cinco
Where is the bathroom? = Onde fica o banheiro (pronouned ongee ficko bon-yaid-o)
Toilet = lavabo

Traditional Portugues tarts

Traditional egg custard tarts of Portugal

Bill = A conta por favor (pronouned ah Kon-tah poor fah-vor)
How much does this cost? = Quanto custa isto? (pronouned kwan-toe koesj-tah isj-toe)
Filter Coffee = Carioca de cafe
White Coffee = Cafe Pingado
Expresso with milk = Cafe Pingado Directo
Double Expresso = Cafe Double
Double Expresso = Cafe long
Portuguese Sausage = Alheira
Normal meat Sausage = Linguica (pronouned ling-gwe-sir)
I do not understand = Nao compreendo (pronouned naung kom-prie-en-doe)
Do you speak English? = Fala inlges? (pronouned fa-lah in-glees?)
The Menu = a lista (pronounced ah list-tah)
rare = mal passado (pronounced mal pah-sah-doe)
medium = medio (pronounced mer-do)
well done = bem feito (pronounced bay fait-toe)

Flag of Portugal

The Flag of Portugal

Travel Books

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