The Menara Pavilion and olive grove

There is not much to see but it is a welcome break from the madness of the souks. You can walk there, get a taxi or jump off the red tourist double drecker bus. It is a pleasant place to go for a walk. The Pavilion is built next to a large square water reservoir that provides irrigation to the surrounding olive groves. It is the setting for a number or theatrical and musical shows.

The Menara Pavilion Marrakech

On the far side of the reservoir there are some stadium seats. Behind that is a pleasant cafe which has near some palm trees. The toilets are located about 15 yards away and are very clean. Have some small change to pay the lady at the door.

Camel Riding

Around the outskirts of Marrakech you will see teams of camels and their owners. Most are operating on the desert rocky scrubland near the major roads. Not a very pleasant location to go for a ride. Wait until you visit the Menara Pavillion. As you get near the water reservoir you will see some camel owners offering rides for about 50 dirham.

Do not use the ones near the entrance to the Menara Olive Groves as they still walk around the scrubland. The ones inside take you for a walk around the olive groves. The camels like it as they can have a secret munch of olive leaves as they walk pass. They are happy and you have fun too. Hold on very very tight when the camel gets up and sits down.

Camel riding

The Very Smelly Tannery Quartier

You will find the Tanneries to the east of the Medina old town close to the Bab ed Debbagh Gate. This is where the local leather is dyed and dried. The smell is horrendous. As you get near several locals will offer to take you on a guided tour. Agree the price first and make sure it is for all of you in your party and not per person. Some 'guides' will not mention a price and take you to a leather shop at the end of your visit.

They will get a back hand payment from the shopkeeper. They will expect you to buy some leather goods. If you try to walkout without paying your guide will appear again and demand a lot of money for the tour. Mention that you want to speak to the tourist police. If they have been acting as an unofficial guide they can go to prison. Your request to speak to the police should make them change their manner. The tourist police are very good and feared by the locals.

Leather tannery in Marrakech

Marrakech Water

In theory the Marrakech water from the tap is safe to drink but I would not risk it. Buy your drinking water in a bottle. French Evian water is available in many shops. Before you buy it make sure that the bottle cap is still unopened. One of the local scams is to collect used Evian bottles and replace the water with tap water.

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