Kandy Amaya Hills Hotel

This is the one hotel in Sri Lanka that if you are on a budget you should try to make an exception and find the extra cash if possible. This accommodation is in an exquisite location perched on top of a mountain side over looking Kandy down in the valley.

Kandy Amaya Hills Hotel Sri Lanka

Kandy Amaya Hills Hotel reception

There is a short 15 - 20 minute drive up the hill. The last stretch is on unpaved roads so it is a bit bumpy, but it seemed to add to the notion you were going to somewhere unusual. As you pass through the gates you are greeted by lush green well maintained tropical garden planted with bright colourful flowers.

A winding tarmaced road takes you to the reception house in a breath taking palace like structure. The bottom floor is open to the elements. There are no windows or walls. Just columns that support the second floor viewing platform and roof. In case it is raining your taxi or Tuk-Tuk can park under the canopy whilst you recover your baggage. If I need one word to sum up Amaya Hills hotel I think I would choose 'majestic'.

Some reviews on the Amaya Hills hotel have complained about the rooms feeling damp and musty. You are hundreds of feet up a mountainside in a tropical rain forest where guess what? It rains. When the sun comes out the water then evaporates into misty wispy clouds that float above the tree tops.

Kandy Amaya Hills Hotel Sri Lanka

Kandy Amaya Hills Hotel rooms

Just turn the air conditioning on and the rooms are perfect. There is no dampness inside the rooms. The rooms are adequate in size. They are not huge spacious suites. They are all decorated to a modern clean standard. The Standard rooms are small and do not have a view. Most of the negative reviews about this hotel are from people who booked a standard room. If you can ask for a room on the valley side rather than one that over looks the pool as they are quieter. At present wifi is only available in the reception area.

The internal walkways to the rooms are open to the elements but a large covering roof means you do not get wet in a rain storm. It allows you to enjoy the tropical plants, ferns and bright multicoloured blossom on the trees in the court yard. You are stuck on the top of a mountain and unless you get a taxi back down to town than you have to pay the hotels prices for snacks and drink. Try to get a half board price for your rooms. I found the food enjoyable. I'm lucky in that I like spicy food so made sure I tried all the Sri Lankan cooking on offer in the Buffet. Western food was available but I come on holiday to try the local traditional Sinhalese food for a better experience.

Kandy Amaya Hills Hotel Sri Lanka

Kandy Amaya Hills Hotel pool balcony

Many of the rooms have views down into the valley and the city of Kandy. Try to book at least a Deluxe room as the standard rooms only have a back court yard view. In the mornings you may be lucky to watch troops of monkeys foraging in the tree tops. The view from the swimming pool balcony is also as impressive. The views and the cool breeze were a welcome contrast to the very hot climate of the coast and Colombo. There are no lifts so if you have problems walking up stairs insist on a room on the ground floor.

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