Riga Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

Address: Strelnieku laukums 1 A visit to the interesting Museum of the Occupation of Latvia should not be missed. The museum is in the south-western part of the Old Town, a few seconds walk from St. Peter's Church - right next to the impossible-to-miss House of Blackheads.

The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

The exhibits in Latvian, Russian, German and English will teach you more about the Nazi and Soviet occupations of Latvia from 1940 to 1991, and what the Latvian people went through during these years. Walk into a reconstructed gulag barracks, and get an idea of living conditions in a Siberian labour camp. There's a small book shop in the lobby.

The museum is open 11 - 17 (18 in summer) - closed Mondays between October - April, open daily in the summer months. Entry is free, but a donation is of course appreciated. There's a donation box by the entrance, and several inside the museum.

Saint Peter's Church City Viewing platform

Address: 19 Skarnu street This is the one of peeked towers which rises above the Old City. Saint Peter's Church firstly mentioned in the year of 1209 and at that time it was one of the main churches. The church is rebuilt many times so as the tower. Firstly during rebuilding the tower crashed down, but after that it was built one more time, than the tower suffered by thunder, and after some time it was rebuilt once again.

During WWII the tower and church was really damaged. Around the 18th century the church was the highest wooden building in Europe. Nowadays the tower is about 123 meters high and there is a lift which allows you to get to watching platforms. Actually tourists can get to one of the platforms which is on the highness of 72 meters. There is a bell in the tower, which rings every hour and sounds a music "Rīga dimd" (Rīga resounds) five times in a day, which I think is quite interesting.

The indoor of the church is in gothic style. The look unnoticeably turns up, where you can see vaults and mild colour harmony. I suggest you to go upstairs where you can catch Rīga from bird's eye view. Entrance ticket costs 2 Ls. Directions: If you go from Town Hall Square, you must go by a House of Blackheads to Kungu iela. Then turn to the right to mentioned street and go straight. After some meters you'll see Saint Peter's Church.

Riga Convent's Yard

Address: Skarnu street The Convent's Yard (Konveta Seta) is an ensemble of about 9 medieval buildings in the quaint Old Town of Riga (Vecriga). The houses were built between the 14th and 16th centuries and are among the oldest parts of the city. Nowadays the area houses a 3-starred hotel. Directions: The Convent's Yard in situated in the heart of Riga's Old Town (Vecriga) just north of St. Peters Church.

This place in a hotel complex now, but you can just go inside the small yards to see how nice narrow streets and cousy houses are in this place. It seems like a medieval buildings complex still left in Riga old town. You can go to this object through Skarnu street near the St. John's church. Enter the small gates and when enjoy corridors of streets

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