Nuremberg Hauptmarkt Main Christmas Market

The city has spent money to make sure the stalls are attractive unlike those in Bamberg. It is very popular and busy but you do not feel like you have to fight your way through the crowds.

Weihnachtsmarkt Nuremberg

The gap between the stalls is wide enough to allow you to walk along without feeling too hemmed in. It is more popular at the weekend, so try and arrange to visit the Christmas Markets mid-week. The markets really comes to life when it is dark. The twinkling Christmas lights add charm. Spend the morning and early afternoon visiting Nurnberg's historical sites and spend the late afternoon and early evening at the Markets.

Do not plan to have an evening meal. Buy Christmas food from the market stalls. Bavaria is famous for its sausages. There are lots of different sausages on sale. Just follow your nose. Nuremburg has its own special grilled sausage roll. It includes three short Nuremburg Bratwursts side by side in one roll.

The fortified hot mulled wine is ideal for washing down that snack before you start on the chocolate covered fruit for desert. All sorts of other foods are available. When you buy a mulled wine Gluhwein you pay a deposit for the commemorative china mug. You can keep the mug but if you return it after you have drunk the warming alcoholic contents, you will get your deposit back.

Weihnachtsmarkt Nuremberg

Steiff teddy bears

These very expensive children's teddy bears can be seen in their own designer shop In Alder Strasse at the junction of Konigstrasse just south of the river. Keep your credit card in your wallet and just window shop. They are lovely but so expensive. They are adult collector items although in theory designed for young children. They keep their price. Old examples of Steiff bears with humped backs and the button in the left ear can make thousands at auction.

Shopping and beer

At the junction of Konigstrasse & An der Mauthalle you will see the Mauthalle. It is one of the biggest medieval buildings in the centre of Nurnberg / Nuremberg. The city made money by charging a toll from the merchants passing by on the road or on the river. In 1498 the building was first constructed as a storing-place for salt and wheat and later it became the toll-hall and a place to officially weigh all of the goods. Today this building is a shopping-centre with a great beer-hall and restaurant in the cellar called the Barfusser.

Weihnachtsmarkt Nuremberg

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