The Rocky landscape of Yala National Park

What makes Yala National Park stand out from other National Parks in Sri Lanka is its variety of different landscapes. How many other safari venues around the world can boast a beach.

Elephant Rock in Yala National Park

Elephant Rock in Yala National Park in Sri Lanka

Not only will you find dense jungle scrub and open dry grass lands, there is a diversity of wetlands too. The most dramatic natural features found in the park are the isolated rock formations like the one in the photograph below. it is huge and is called Elephant rock because it looks like a large bull elephant walking through the bush.

The rock is ancient metamorphic rock belonging to the Precambrian era. In English that means it is old volcanic lava that has been crushed, reheated and under extreme pressures changed into a different more dense rock. the hardest rocks have withstood the effects of erosion best and now stand out as solitary features in this tropical landscape.

Yala National Park

There is an unusual rocky landscape in Yala National Park

Different animals make their homes in the rocks. As you can see from the photograph at the bottom of the page these rock out crops are huge in scale. Just look how small they make that elephant look. This is the sort of Jungle landscape you expect to see in a Walt Disney Jungle Book movie.

Yala National Park

These Rocks in Yala National Park even make the Elephants look small

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