Sita Eliya Hindu Temple near Nuwara Eliya

On route from Nuwara Eliya to the Hakgala Botanical Gardens you will find the Sita Eliya Hindu Temple on your left. Make sure your Tuk-tuk or taxi driver pulls over. It is free to go in but it is customary to give a donation.

Sita Eliya Hindu Temple

statues at Nuwara Eliya Sita Eliya Hindu Temple

As with many Sri Lankan Hindu Temples there are a lot of colourful statues. Some need a new coat of paint. You have to take your shoes of and you should not be wearing revealing clothing. It is disrespectful. The temple is on the side of the road.

Sri Lanka features in the Hindu Epic story called Ramayana. It tells of how Sita, the wife of the god Rama, was kidnapped by the ten headed demon king called Ravana. He transported her to the island of Lanka where she was held captive. Local legend will have you believe that the place of her incarceration was where the Sita Eliya Temple now stands.

Sita Eliya Hindu Temple

Nuwara Eliya Sita Eliya Hindu Temple Sri Lanka

There are two depressions in the river bed rock, now highlighted with yellow paint to make them easier to see. The locals believe that these were caused by the demon kings mount. There is also a belief that at this particular point in the stream, the water has no taste because Sita cursed it. Temple devotees are keen to show white visitors the spot where she prayed, meditated and bathed.

Sita was eventually rescued by her husband after he had help from the monkey soldiers of the monkey king Hanuman. Ravana the demon King was killed. This battle is celebrated in the Hindu festival of Diwali. Next to the main temple is another newer temple dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey-god for his help in the rescue

At the back there is a river gorge by an overgrown cliff face. If you are lucky you will be able to spot a troop of monkeys in the trees and bushes on the cliff face. Take your binoculars and telephoto camera lens with you.

Sita Eliya Hindu Temple

Monkeys at Nuwara Eliya Sita Eliya Hindu Temple

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