Singapore's Little India Hindu Temples

Most Singapore guide books only suggest one Hindu temple to visit whilst you are exploring the shops and streets of Little India. This is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Serangoon Road opposite the junction with Veerasamy Road.

Singapore's Hindu Temples

This is because officially Little India ends when Serangoon Road meets Kitchener Road in the north. What these guide books do not tell you is that there are two more interesting Hindu temples to see just a few minutes walk further up the road.

The first one is called the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and it is near the junction with Petain Road but still on the Serangoon Road. The third is the Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Hindu Temple. It is about 100 yards south of Lavender Street in Serangoon Road.

If you haven't seen a Hindu temple before you are in for a 'Wow. moment. They are very ornately decorated with sculptured figures along the walls, pillars and especially on the roves. The entranceway is a large gate on top of which there is a pyramidal roof.

Hindu Temples Singapore

The roof is like a layer cake. It has about 5 to 6 layers and around each layer are lots of statues, each one representing a God or a character from one of the religious stories. In many Hindu communities literacy was rare, so the priests used these sculptures to show the faithful, characters from their religion and this enabled them to talk about what happened to them and their significance to the Hindu faith.

Once you pass through the entrance gate you enter a walled enclosure in which there are a number of shrines along the wall. Remember to take your shoes off before entering the Temple. Normally the main shrine is in the middle of the complex. Non-Hindus are allowed to enter the temples, free of charge, but it is always polite to leave a donation as a thank you.

As a complete contrast there are two large ornate Chinese Buddhist temple that is you must see in the nearby Race Course Road. They are opposite each other. One is called the Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple and the other is the Leon San Temple. To get to them go up the alleyway in Serangoon Road opposite Beatty Road that has a small Chinese ornamental arch over its entrance. Turn left at the end of the road. This is Race course Road

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