Marrakech - A guide for women on what not to wear.

If you wear revealing western clothing you will attract unwanted attention and possible hostility. You are in a Muslim country where it is expected that women wear clothing that covers their legs, arms, collarbone and in some cases head and face.

Marrakech main square

If you wear sleeveless tops, shorts, mini skirts, above the knee skirts, tight fitting tops or cleavage revealing tops you will get hassled. Pack carefully as your designer T-shirt and lovely V-neck sweater may be interpreted as disrespectful in Marrakech. Loose long-sleeved blouses and ankle-length skirts are a good choice.

A good tip is to take a pashmina scarf or something similar and use it to cover your head and shoulders. You will give the impression of being a European woman who lives and works in Morocco who is showing respect to the local sensibilities. There is no law stating what you can and cannot wear. If you go with the attitude that no Muslim male dominated society is going to dictate what you wear, expect to be stared at, followed by groups of males and possibly attacked by older Muslim females for showing too much skin.

Muslim men think nothing of hassling foreign women. To them it is a sport. Being aggressive and trying to tell them to get lost can just make the situation more amusing for them. If you want to enjoy your holiday dress sensibly.

Marrakech fresh orange juice

The fresh orange juice is to die for. Go to the main square 'Place Jemaa-el-fna'

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