Sri Lankan Lion Beer Larger & Stout

Lion Brewery Ceylon Limited - Now one of the most pleasant surprises about any trip to Sri Lanka is that the local Lion beer is amazing. It has such a smooth full bodied flavour that you want to keep ordering another but you cant as they are all strong.

Sri Lankan Lion Beer

Sri Lankan Lion Beer Larger and Stout - Lion Brewery Ceylon Limited

It comes in three types. There are two blonde larger beers. One just called Lion Beer at 4.8% alcohol and then Strong Lion Beer at 8.8%. If you like Guinness or British style brown ales then you will love Lion Stout at 8.8%. The Sri Lankan Government place a high excise tax on beer so it is not as cheap as you would expect.

The Ceylon Brewery was started in 1881 to supply the British tea plantation owners and colonial staff with beer. It was located in the mountains of central Sri Lanka at Nuwara Eilya. This area's natural spring water and cooler climate was ideal for brewing beer.

Today the company is located just outside the capital Colombo. It was take over by the Danish Brewery Carlsberg who introduced modern equipment and production methods. They also produce Carlsberg Larger and Carlsberg Special Brew for the Indian and Sri Lankan market.

Normally the beer is sold in one litre bottles but now you can buy Lion Beer in cans. If you have Sri Lankan's running local shops near where you live ask then if they could start stocking Lion beer. They should be able to obtain it from the local distributors of Carlsberg larger.

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